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Get Character Certificate



  1. 1. Applicants shall submit an affidavit (10 points) on a stamp paper duly attested by the Oath Commissioner.

  3. 2. The applicants attach unattested Photocopy of:

     a.Recent CNIC

     b.Recent Passport for overseas; and

     c.02 recent passport size pictures


  5. 3. The applicants shall verify the criminal record from the beat officer, Moharrar, SHO of the local police station and circle DSP on the back side of stamp paper.

  7. 4. The applicants shall apply for the Police Clearance Certificate in their respective districts as per permanent and present addresses on their CNICs.
  8. 5. In case of multiple addresses the applicants shall verify their criminal record from all the Police stations.

  10. 6. If applicant is overseas; one of his blood relatives shall submit stamp paper (Abroad) along with blood relative’s photocopy of CNIC and date of last Exit from Pakistan.

  12. 7. Afghan citizens shall send their applications alongwith Passport, Visa, last entry in Pakistan, Special Branch report, TIF Form, Afghan citizen Card, attested letter from Afghan Consulate General to SP Security office Police Lines Peshawar through TCS.

  14. 8. The applicants shall personally visit PAL office to collect the Police Clearance Certificate after signature and fingerprints.
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