Our Faith, Corruption Free Pakistan/ہمارا ایمان کرپشن سے پاک پاکستان

The Roving Eye Highway Traffic

High-tech traffic mobiles equipped with IP cameras, Body worn camera, Trackers, Communication & navigation equipment connected in real time with Command Center, while roving on the roads. The purpose of these vehicles is to keep track of the police officers and monitor their behavior while dealing with the public. Moreover, people can send their complaints against Police High Handedness / Misbehavior, Corruption etc., using IGP Helpline. 

  1. a) Cameras mounted on vehicles
  2. b) Body Cameras for traffic officials
  3. c) Real-time audio / video streaming
  4. d) Real-time location & monitoring of Traffic MMPIs across the province from Command & Control Center
  5. e) Mobile App for public complaints against police

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